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As soon as Lu Yan finished asking, the door on the other side of the cell opened, and several skeletons poured in, shouting for all the skeletons outside the roving bandits to go out. My Lord, if our skeletons are to be interrogated by Carman, they must be held in solitary confinement, and although there are not many skeletons in other cells, there are more or less. Transferring skeletons into cells is easy to cause fighting, which is something that the prison department does not like to do, "Raisin said quickly." Although McLejay has been here for a short time, he has no shackles on his body. He knew that the custody department was very wary of him, and this time he might be transferred directly to the working and living area. The working and living area is actually a certain part of the city's periphery, mostly with foreign new slaves and new skeletons, engaged in the development and exploitation of the city's most peripheral, these skeletons can not touch the city's core city defense, even if there are other city spies, it doesn't matter, as long as the level does not exceed the strong bone, it is difficult to pose a threat to the city defense, other book friends look normally:. As soon as Lu Yan heard this, he understood that, as expected, it was similar to what Reisen had said. It was estimated that within two or three days, McLejay would be able to leave the custody department,Automatic Nail Making Machine, and then leave Kahui City to inform other strong bones to assist. My Lord, did I spell? Mike Lejie's soul words suddenly came, and the restless human-shaped war bones were reluctant to leave Lv Yan and wanted to fight violently. Lv Yan hurriedly stopped him: "Do not resist, Mike Lejie, you have made a great contribution, find a way out of the city as soon as possible, find other strong bones to sneak into Kahui City, I need their help to escape here." "Yes,Nail machine manufacturer, my Lord, please wait for me, and I will soon bring Lord Deva and others to save you," McLejay said with joy. Lu Yan also exhorted: "Do not be impulsive, wait for the skeleton of the custody department to relax their vigilance before escaping, otherwise all their previous efforts may be wasted." "Yes, my Lord!" By the time McLejay answered, he had been thrown out of his cell, and the brief contact was over. For the next two days, Lv Yan stayed in the cell of the prison department. He didn't want to escape, but every time there was a rider who personally guarded the cell, so he had no chance at all. Because of the importance of these roving bandits, the guard strength of the prison department was greatly strengthened, and even the rider would come to the cell to personally guard it. My Lord, the custody is getting tighter and tighter. It seems that Carman didn't find what he wanted in Qingdie Lake, so he focused on the roving bandits who escaped from Qingdie Lake. Ruisen and Lv Yan spread out and sat on the ground, observing the skeleton guards and talking secretly with their souls. Lv Yan said: "It seems that the riders who change shifts are worried. Everyone is eager to stay in the cell and never go out. Can it be said that they are worried about going to the battlefield?"? Which collarbone is Carman fighting again? "It's very likely that this is the case. The matter of Qingdie coming out of the water can't be concealed from the other two collars. So Kaman went to Qingdie Lake to look for the essence of life, Nail machine manufacturer ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, and the other two collars would not be idle. Maybe one of them would attack Kaman halfway. Other book friends read it normally." "It's a pity that no matter which collar bone wins in the end, it will come to trouble us, because we are the last skeletons to see the death of the butterfly." Lv Yan felt Ruisen's tone revealed pessimism, which is also a matter of no way, these two days he also made clear the structure of the prison, from top to bottom, all are bone and iron mixed structure, very difficult to break through, the guard's riding bone and strong bone are also strong, even if Lv Yan can fight to the death, there is no guarantee that there are no more riding bone reinforcements outside the cell. Therefore, it is absolutely impossible to rush by force, and waiting is only a dead end. Three more days passed. With a smile on his face, the rider who came in this time said to the rider who left, "Lord Carman is out of danger, and it is said that he will be able to return to the city tonight.". Riding bone excitement and joy can not be suppressed, the voice is loud and loud, so that Lu Yan and roving bandits skeletons heard clearly, Lu Yan's face showed worry, and Kamonlie has been completely frightened expression. In order to discuss the details of the military situation, the two riding bones excitedly retreated to the outside of the cell to chat, and most of the strong bones were happy to follow out, leaving only a few small war bones forced to stay in the cell. Kamunlie's eyes flashed fiercely, and he was about to jump up and fight to the death. When Kaman came back, the fate of these roving bandits could be imagined. No matter what the result of the interrogation was, most of them would be knocked to pieces one by one. Kamunlie was frightened by the news of Kaman's return, and was ready to act foolishly. Suddenly, a thin hand bone pressed his shoulder, although thin and thin, but the strength from the hand bone was very strong, Kamonlie was almost slapped down, he turned his head and saw that it was the tauren war bone that had climbed on his back. Camonril, do you want to live? Before Camonlie's attack, Lu Yan turned to him and asked in a low voice. The anger on Kamunlie's face suddenly froze, and a trace of contempt gradually climbed up his face bone. His recklessness was certainly to die, but he did not think that Lv Yan could escape. In this iron-walled cell, even riding bones could not escape, let alone a few strong bones. Other book friends read normally:. As soon as Kamunlie's body shook, he put his huge head in front of Lv Yan and shouted in a low voice: "Go away. Do you think you can deal with Riding Bone by killing a few mountain bees? You are something of unknown origin. I will expose it to Lord Leading Bone later.." Cut! Kamunlie's words could not go on, Lu Yan's white bee suddenly rushed down and up, piercing Kamunlie's throat bone. Kamunlie was about to retreat from the pain, but Andreina had already jumped high on the bone shield that Stone had prepared, and with a hard slap on the top of Kamunlie's head, the white bee was stabbed into Kamunlie's skull with a bang, and even the neck bone was cut open. Severe pain and burning, coupled with the destruction of the control system, Kamunlie's body immediately trembled violently, funny as a puppet off the line, Lv Yan smiled coldly, pulled the white bee back, and then turned to scan the other roving bandits, the remaining eight strong bones and twelve war bones,Iron Nail Making Machine, far weaker than Kamunlie, to see Lv Yan's thunderbolt means are a surprise. Unexpectedly, he did not dare to stand up for Kamenglie for a while.