1976 of Rebirth

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After Liu Ming got the latest instructions from the old man and deduced all kinds of situations he might encounter in the negotiations with the old man, Liu Ming hung up the phone in the vicious eyes of the staff, and then paid the phone bill. Don't look at Liu Ming's generosity when he paid, but in fact his heart was bleeding, it was all money. Why the hell should I mention the tape recorder, otherwise I can definitely save the money, I can mention it when I leave, let them call the old man to discuss it, but also save the phone bill. Han Wenyang through the door of the post office can see Liu Ming is very excited to talk to the other end of the phone, he thought that the boy fortunately did not hit the counter with his fist, otherwise the counter is expected to be broken by him, although Han Wenyang did not go in, but Liu Ming said is also very excited, can also hear Liu Ming's voice from time to time, but because he spoke his native dialect, Han Wenyang did not understand, so he stopped paying attention to him, but looked at the street outside, the crowd passing by, and the jeep that occasionally drove past, not knowing what he was thinking. Liu Ming came out and found Han Wenyang standing motionless beside his bicycle, not knowing what he was looking at. "Xiao Han, let's go back." When Han Wenyang heard Liu Ming say this, he came to his senses. "Have you made the call?" It's so fast. It seems that he didn't call for a long time. Ok, if I don't go, the staff will drive me away. In fact,mobile garbage bin, I hung up the phone before he got off work. As for looking at myself like that. Liu Ming said discontentedly, so it's best to have a phone at home, although the money is paid quite a lot, but the problem is to call at ease, want to call, do not have to go to calculate whether the post office is off duty, and whether their faces look good or not, more importantly, do not worry about business leaks out. By the way,euro plastic pallet, Xiao Han, you can also install a telephone in your home, so that we can get in touch with each other conveniently in the future. When Han Wenyang heard Liu Ming say this, his hand holding the bicycle head slipped. Fortunately, there were few people on the road. Han Wenyang quickly corrected it. "It's convenient to have a telephone contact. But the question is, do you think my family can apply for a telephone? Your uncle should find someone to install your telephone." Now there are private homes where telephones are installed. They are all installed by units. Even if there are private homes with telephones, some of them are installed with the help of units. Liu Ming listens to Han Wenyang to say so, also did not ring, at the beginning of their own installation of the phone, the old man is looking for a lot of people, sent something, otherwise really can not install the phone, "then forget it, or use Ji Qiang's home phone." It's not very convenient, but it's okay, at least you can get in touch with people. The next time, Liu Ming also did not gnaw, as if thinking, plastic pallet bin ,collapsible pallet box, Liu Ming did not speak, Han Wenyang will not make a sound, two people all the way quietly to the home. Liu Ming got off his bicycle and did not even sit on the geomantic throne under the grapevine. He went to the kitchen door and said, "Zhang Qian, you come out and we will continue to talk." Zhang Qian heard Liu Ming came back to find himself, but also said to continue to talk, we know that this matter has a door, a little cleaning after the start, "came." Zhao Yun saw Liu Ming rushed home to find Zhang Qian, knowing that the development of things according to Zhang Qian's expectations in the development, it seems that this matter really has a door. Liu Ming, what did Uncle Liu say? Zhang Qian just rushed to the vines, also do not sit, asked directly, although Zhang Qian is to be reserved, I am anxious to ask, giving people the feeling that we are begging for help, Zhang Qian can only comfort herself, although this time is the seller's market, our middleman is the most disadvantaged, that is, to Feng Hao that secondary wholesaler, we can only have a good attitude to bring, forget it. For the sake of the comrades of the workers, peasants and soldiers, let's put up with it. After Liu Ming sat down, he heard Zhang Qian roaring and asked himself, a little depressed, a little better, "My dad said, let you sell on commission, but the price is a little higher.". "The old man said that as for how much the price was expensive, he would talk to himself. He also educated himself. Seeing that there were so many houses in other people's homes and that their parents were professors, it showed that they would not rely on their payment for goods. So it was OK to give them ten machines on a commission basis. Anyway, the machines were kept at home. It would be better to take them to the capital to test the water. If they were sold, it would be best." Not even if you can't sell it. The price is a little higher, Zhang Qian thought it was expensive, and there was no way, "How much is that expensive?" If the expensive one has no edge, then forget it, you might as well take two as samples. Five yuan a set. Liu Ming's impolite quotation, "You should know that there is no pressure for you at all. If you sell it, you will get money and not sell it. Then I will take it back when I deliver the goods in a month. What do you think?" Five yuan? The price is not expensive. "All right, five yuan is five yuan. When will the recorder be sent over?" This is what Zhang Qian cares about. Well, remember to talk to Ji Qiang and communicate with Feng Hao. If this thing is not sold well, the big head will be Feng Hao. Zhang Qian has thought about it. When the time comes, we will sell it at a price increase of about ten yuan a day. As for how much Feng Hao earns, it is not our business. Of course, the quantity can be discounted appropriately. Ji Qiang was relieved to hear Liu Ming say so. Although the price is a little more expensive, it is not unacceptable. Ji Qiang looked at Zhang Qian and admired her in his heart. This is the best way. He can earn money without any funds on his side. All right, let's do it, but if I pay for it on the spot or I pay for a few recorders, then I won't give you five yuan for handling. Zhang Qian thought that if Comrade Feng Hao gave us a deposit for the recorder, or if we had money to buy the recorder at that time, there would be no need to earn five yuan for the Liu family. Of course. Liu Ming was thinking about how to negotiate with Zhang Qian all the way, but he didn't think that Zhang Qian had no objection to the price in the end,plastic pallet manufacturer, which made Liu Ming feel that he was really worried all the way, "Zhang Qian, don't you bargain?" 。 cnplasticpallet.com